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Free UI design course by Adham Dannaway

Use a system of logical guidelines, rather than just gut feeling.

Interface design might appear to be a magical art form, but a lot of it is made up from logical rules or guidelines.

Much more than just making an interface look pretty.

Learn the how and why behind UI design to ensure that every design detail has a logical purpose behind it.

No tedious, impractical, or vague interface design theory.

Just quick and actionable guidelines with examples and a logical rationale to help back up your design decisions.

Learn by doing

A step by step example

As we go, we’ll be applying what we learn by fixing an example interface design that’s full of common problems.

The following before and after interface presents a workout in a fitness app. The first is the original design. The second is the result of quickly applying some design guidelines.

UI design course before example

Even without much visual or interaction design experience, you’ll probably notice that the original design feels messy, complicated, and difficult to use. This is because it contains many problematic design details that pose a potential risk to usability. Perhaps you can already spot a few?

Over the 7 day course, you’ll learn to quickly find and fix these issues by applying logical rules.

Why design using logical rules?

Having endless design possibilities sounds great in theory, but in practice, it can be frustrating and time consuming.

With so many options to choose from regarding layout, spacing, typography, and colour, making design decisions can be overwhelming. When you add usability, accessibility, and psychology to the mix, it gets even harder.

Luckily, UI design doesn’t have to be so hard. Over the years, I’ve realised that most of my visual and interaction design decisions are governed by a system of logical rules. Not artistic flair or magical intuition, just simple rules.

Having a system of logical rules helps you efficiently make informed design decisions. Without a logical system, you’re just using gut feeling to move stuff around until it looks pretty.

I love rules and logic, but design decisions are rarely black and white. Rather than strict rules that you must follow, think of the advice in this book as helpful guidelines that work well in most cases.

I wish I’d known these guidelines when I first started out. They’re a culmination of nearly 2 decades working as a product designer on products used by millions of people. My hope is that they’ll help you gain years of experience in a matter of hours.

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Hi, I'm Adham

I’m a product designer from sunny Sydney, Australia. I specialise in UI design and design systems. For nearly 2 decades, I’ve enjoyed working on products used by millions of people around the world. Check out my portfolio.

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